Convex Mirrors

Happy Monday, everyone!  How's it going?  Well, we're starting off the week with an unusual topic and that is convex mirrors.  Convex mirrors you ask?  Why, because they are seriously one of the best decor accessories EVER!  For those of you who are not exactly familiar with these types of mirrors, they are special as their reflective surface actually bulges outwards (like a fish eye), making them incredibly beautiful and different.  The whole idea of this mirror is to not reflect things "normally or flat" but rather with an edge, while giving the illusion of a larger space.  They are specially useful in areas where you want a mirror, but don't want it to be reflecting absolutely everything in a boring way, you know?  Convex mirrors are so appealing as they offer a different perspective to the world around us, for sure.  When designing, I feel we always consider adding one to a design scheme even if at the end they don't make the cut.  We couldn't recommend them more if you want a unique approach to a mirror and if you're looking to elevate your design further.  Here are, you know, 'just a few' of our favorites, which can be both purchased through public stores and through Synonymous by leaving us a purchase inquiry with the item of your choice :)  Enjoy!

convex mirrors - applications 

Like any other mirror, convex mirrors can be hung anywhere, really, though we feel they look appropriate above beds, sofas, an entryway console table, at a stairs landing, or even above a doorway.  Also, If you'd like to add a cool touch to a gallery wall, add a convex mirror and seriously, immediately you'll inject dimension and interest to the otherwise common curation of frames. 



Above a Fireplace 

Image Via: Pinterest 

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Victoria Hagan

Victoria Hagan

living room / dining room

As part of a gallery wall 

As you can see, place convex mirrors anywhere and we're sure you'll get asked questions abut this cool and unexpected feature in your space.  We couldn't be more obsessed with them.... *All the heart eyes you could say*.  Below, get the scoop on our favorite ones :)

The Beauty of Convex Mirrors - Round Mirrors - Convex Mirror Round-up - Featured Mirrors can be purchased through - SYNONYMOUS

Sources:  1, 6, 11, 12 The rest of the mirrors featured can be purchased directly through Synonymous.  Please contact us with your purchase inquiry.

Of all the ones featured we definitely have our eye on numbers 2, 3 and 7.  What's your favorite and where would you put it?  As always, use and pin our Pinterest graphic for your continuous reference :). Hasta mañana!  Oh, we've added a #newproject to our portfolio page called "Luxuriously Golden Study" that we think you will love.  Go give it a look :)  

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