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We literally couldn't love fabrics and pillows more!  On a sofa, bed or bench; In a living room, bedroom or nursery, pillows are an essential component of any interior.  Let us help you 'finish off' the look with thoughtfully curated fabrics exquisitely coordinated into beautiful pillows you'll only admire.  Our personalized Custom Pillow service is tailored to the client's vision, a room's specifications and the desire to offer any space gorgeous accesories designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that it not only looks great, but also serves for both comfort and durability.  Custom pillows designed and made in NYC — delivered nationwide!
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Custom Pillows Service

Created to cater those who may simply be seeking assistance in thoughtful pillow designs.  At Synonymous we hold an immense inventory of thousands of absolutely gorgeous designer fabrics from all over the world that we seek to coordinate for a truly mesmerizing combination.  It's one of our very favorite things to tackle during the design process.  We work closely with the client every step of the way, offering a seamless approach so that the pillows match any existing decor.  Our pillows could either add the missing touch you've been contemplating or be the starting off point of your home decor.

The Process

  1. Complete our Custom Pillows Questionnaire found on this page. Once received, we will follow up with an email stating how we may move forward.

  2. We start with a consultation where we'll discuss existing decor, overall look and feel of a space and/or rooms. We encourage client to share photos of their space with us. We set out to discover the client's vision, timeline and budget so that we may design and deliver exquisite pillows accordingly. If we are both happy with the direction, we'll forward you a custom pillows proposal; all design services will begin soon after.

  3. Next, we determine applications in the home that will benefit from custom pillows if you don't already know (anywhere in the home you wish to inject beautiful throw pillows).

  4. Discussing your favorite fabric materials or any requirements we should consider before curating fabrics like pet or child friendly follows.

  5. We'll then establish a color palette for each space / room through a Color Concept board.

  6. It is important to determine the appropriate size for pillows and number to be used in each specific application like in a living room's couch, window seat or lounge chair so that the pillows really work with the room.

  7. A detailed fabric scheme will be created per application, room or space outlining all of the specifications from every individual fabric to be proposed. Samples of fabrics and zipper closures will be presented to the client through mail when applicable. A digital version showcasing all of the combinations will be the standard method. Client is offered a single revision per scheme and any other thereafter will be charged our design fee.

  8. Once schemes are approved by the client, we order all of the fabrics, zipper closures and see that pillows are made in a workroom to their exact specifications.

  9. After quality inspections, we carefully package the perfectly made custom pillows and mail them to the client ready to be placed and enjoyed in their space.

Please contact us using the questionnaire below to discuss your custom pillows service and we'll get back to you with details on how we may move forward :-)  

Method Of Service

Full Service Custom Pillows - Synonymous and client will conduct ALL COMMUNICATION through email only in order to help the client save on call-time charges; Strictly Electronic. Fabric, zipper closure samples as well as design documents will be emailed to the client via PDF files including high resolution photography.  Synonymous oversees that pillows are being made to their exact specifications by our trusted workroom, conduct quality inspections and finally mail the client the completed pillows.  Custom pillows may include inserts if preferred (please notate on the questionnaire).  This service is ideal for clients all over the United States.  Client must agree to reimburse Synonymous for any travel expenses inquired throughout the duration of the project, if any.  Kindly, shipping and delivery costs must be covered by the client. 


  • Synonymous's Custom Pillow Service is offered Strictly Electronic (read above for more details). If client wishes to discuss anything via phone calls, client will be charged an hourly rate for time spent.

  • Synonymous will at all times strive to perform to the best of the firm's abilities and capacities, with the utmost attention to detail in accordance with our mission and professional skill.

  • Client agrees to provide all the necessary information, such as specifications regarding their project and for the ultimate result of project.

  • Client agrees to discuss all matters of their Custom Pillows Service project from its initial phase through to completion of services strictly through online communication as part of the Strictly Electronic Service Package and any phone calls or in-person visits will be charged an additional fee.

  • Synonymous is at no time required to present client with pricing on To-The-Trade only and/or designer fabrics throughout the duration of project.

  • Client agrees that all To-The-Trade Only fabrics or products must be purchased by Synonymous, in which case client agrees to covering the procurement fee which covers the design firm’s time and expenses of managing all the ordering, logistics, trouble-shooting, quality management and delivery of the custom pillows.

  • Client agrees to cover all shipping / delivery costs for their custom pillows.

  • Synonymous will only be responsible for the means, methods or procedures of construction, fabrication, design implementation or safety precautions in connection with the Custom Pillows project; for the acts or omissions of the workroom or any supplier or other person performing the work on the custom pillows we design for the client; or, for any failure of them to meet any schedules or completion dates when Synonymous is to manage the production of custom pillows on behalf of the client, working with a workroom Synonymous appoints, Synonymous will oversee that custom pillows are being made to their exact specifications and delivered to the client on time.

  • Custom Pillows Service does NOT offer installation services by Synonymous. Client is responsible for installing and styling their pillows. Custom Pillows made by a workroom Synonymous is overseeing will be mailed to the client as soon as inspection of quality is performed by Synonymous.

  • Client agrees to reimburse Synonymous for any travel expenses inquired throughout the duration of the project.

  • Synonymous cannot be held responsible for any replacements after custom pillows have been delivered to the client.

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