Guide To: Hallways

Hallways are often overlooked, so we're offering our comprehensive guide on how to make the best of this otherwise "wasted" space.  Make it look beautiful and practical, always.  Just a few thoughtful features will help you get the hallway you'll feel proud to show off.

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Banquete Seating Inspiration

Our creative director, Paola Arletty, seriously loves a good built-in banquette, so check out just a few of our favorite designs and learn how you may recreate them yourself.  With our tips, you'll soon be on the road to gorgeous restaurant style seating at home.  You know, inspiration is where all great ideas begin.

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Design Studio Plans

Dreaming of one day having a gorgeous, light, bright and sophisticated design studio to work out off.  May be far from now, but we just had to share our ideas and plans for our future Synonymous Headquarters.  Enjoy!   

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Convex Mirrors

Regular mirrors are kind of boring, we're not even going to try an deny it.  This is why we are obsessed with utilizing the interesting, chic and totally cool convex mirror, which may be used anywhere in the home.  Learn about it, view our favorite uses and discover our convex mirrors roundup.   

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Style A Beatiful bed

The focal point of a bedroom is almost always the bed.  This is why there's no excuse to not make it look incredibly beautiful.  The task is simple, really.  With our proven tips, learn a few of our favorite ways to style a bed.  The easy way, of course.  Enjoy!

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Muted Color Combinations

A lot of the color schemes we put together use color, but not just any mix.  We prefer muted tones over bright, overly vivid shades, so check out a few of our favorite combinations that will help create a sophisticated, soothing and serene environment.  All good things, we say!

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