Full Service

SYNONYMOUS is a luxury interior architecture and design firm in New York City, serving clients nationwide.  We manage complete new builds and full top to bottom renovations including kitchen and bathroom renovation, through to thoughtful selection of finishes and furnishings.  Project managing with astute judgement and proficiency, Synonymous specializes in high-end, timeless, elegant, refined, sophisticated and classic hotel-like interiors that feel beyond your best 5 star hotel experience.  We encourage a refined lifestyle that pays homage to livable comfort, which is where our catch phrase "Experience The Finer Things In Life" came about.  The studio manages highly personalized, bespoke interior design that match the client's aesthetic, offering our signature "classic contemporary - hospitality" like approach to residential living.  Our aesthetic is sleek and collected, utilizing neutrals as a base, while injecting color through art and accessories.  With mixing styles, the design team curates interiors that juxtapose our known sophistication for a truly timeless result.  Our goal is to provide a full service / turn key process driven by detail so that you may have the home or boutique business design of your dreams!  We're known for designing spaces that need a sophisticated touch.

The Synonymous Difference

Our team's joint talent and experience is what prompts interiors by Synonymous to be exceptional.  Our signature aesthetic has been refined over countless hours of reimagining, while offering a genuine desire for innovation. Efficient layouts, responsive technology, timeless furniture, down to intricately manufactured luxury fabrics create a harmonized outcome. That's why our professional approach and insistence on meticulous attention to detail further enhances the outcome. How does a design go from concept to a successful completion?  With managing demanding logistics! We create detailed project schedules, while personally overseeing every single aspect through communicating with trades, conducting regular site visits and problem solving with diligence.

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This service offers a highly personalized custom package for luxury residential projects, developments or boutique style commercial spaces, where we manage everything from initial concept through to completion.  We strive for a detail driven meticulous approach, delivering interior architecture and design as well as detail oriented styling.  This package includes everything from working alongside developers, architects through to managing contractors, subcontractors, procurement of design elements, executing design plans and finally installing our interiors.

Please contact us using the questionnaire below to discuss your full service project. It will help us understand project scope, plus learn a bit more about you, while helping you articulate your particular needs. We'll then get back to you with details on how we may move forward.