Design Studio Plans

We haven't posted regularly as promised only because we've been so busy around here, not even going to lie!  With school work, (yes, I'm still in college) presentations and a few projects here and there, I haven't found the time to sit down and write a good post.  Today, I thought to bring you one that makes me very happy... our plans for our future design studio, whenever that happens.  HA!  

Living in NYC, we're not sure if we'll have the opportunity to work in a large studio space as rent here is really expensive, specially if the square footage is on the higher side.  Still, we dream of a gorgeous design studio, fitting with our aesthetic.  Check out our plans and get some inspiration for your own artist, design studio or even an artistic home office. 

Design Studio Plans

When I envision the Synonymous headquarters, I see gorgeous white oak floors in a soft, light gray stain, thin black steel French doors and the most stunning, mega large sample library built-in.  That's it. It's my purest dream 😍  All other details are minor, well, maybe, but in essence, I really wish for a great foundation in which to inject all of our favorite things. 

Design Board

Here's the design board I put together showcasing our dream studio.  As you may see, we utilized soft colors from the gray, cream, dusty-blue-gray, brass/gold family.  We find these tones are timeless and go very well with our sophisticated style. 

Synonymous Design Studio Plans -

Wish List

  • Huge Built-in:  A large built-in made with white oak (thinking of leaving it unpainted), although the a painted option is still on our minds.  It will be used for our materials library featuring an iron or wood ladder.  The built-in will have lots of storage space for fabric swatches, tile, wood and hardware samples distributed within drawers, doors and shelves.

Along with the sample library built-in, we want to incorporate built-in shelves somewhere in the studio to display our favorite accessories.  Call it our compact showroom.  This image by Helen Green Design is what started the whole idea.

  • Banquete Seating:  For the conference room, I think it would be so different to add banquete seating on one side of the table and chairs on the other.  This look is not only sophisticated, it will seriously come in handy during presentations so that clients can sit comfortably and feel at home in this more casually led environment.  It will give us the opportunity to showcase a few of our favorite throw pillows, too, which gets me super excited.

This dining room by Laura Hammett is seriously so inspiring for our conference room goals because it features all of our favorite things.  Gorgeous artwork, a stunning light fixture, banquete seating and of course beautifully coordinated chairs on the opposite side.  We also love the chair design Bingie from BM Design London shared on her instagram stories.  It has such a sophisticated, yet casual shape.  Would love to get a similar version custom made for us. 

As you probably know, we love cognac colored leather and this is certainly a material contender for the banquet seat like featured below...  It'll age well and you can't beat its durability.  Let's see what we end up using, fabric or leather?

The conference room set up is more or less going to look exactly like this one designed by Chango and Co...

We've always found the following conference room packed full of inspiration with the upholstered rolling office chairs, the chevron floors and the overall light and bright color palette :)

See how the cognac leather office chairs pop against the all white space.  Just stunning! (Photo found via Instagram)  

  • Thick, White Worktables:  These thin, steel desks from Bludot are very nice, but my dream is to get a few custom desks fabricated, made with thicker timber stained white for a more substantial feel throughout the studio.

Gallery Wall:  We dream of a substantial gallery wall featuring our completed projects somewhere in the studio or perhaps right at the entryway.

Synonymous Design Studio Plans -

Steel Doors:  What can I say, I love French steel doors.  I definitely think these are a must for our future design studio.  Not only do they look sleek and modern, but they feel timeless, which is very important to us.

Oversized Linen Pendants:  Ok, so you've probably noticed we are obsessed with all things substantial, right?  This is why it was a no brainer to utilize large, oversized linen pendants throughout the studio for much needed impact and interest.  These will make the entire place feel welcoming, cozy and more residential like, rather than a commercial space.  So much inspiration from the Suzanne Kasler design studio.  It's always been a favorite of mine.

I found this photo on Instagram a while back, but can't remember from where :/

I found this photo on Instagram a while back, but can't remember from where :/

Synonymous Design Studio Plans -

Features:  We think this approach to displaying floor-plans, architectural designs or even design boards is absolutely genius.  Excuse me as I remind myself to copy this :D

Notice here how Mason Studio framed floor-plans on the back wall to create an interesting display of architectural drawings. We love this idea!

For now, these are the plans for our future design studio somewhere in the city, whenever that happens.  I find that with good planing we may incorporate the majority of our wishes into the studio space and feel inspired everyday to continue creating beautiful interiors for our clients.

Synonymous Design Studio Plans -
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