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A good pillow mix always draws me in, be it for the fabrics or patterns used or the way the pillows were arranged.  Almost unconsciously, your eye may view a mix as a good match, which in returns makes the look of a bed more appealing.  This is why, we're usually drawn to all white bedding, where the colors and textures come from either the throw blanket at the foot of the bed, a coverlet / quilt and most definitely from the throw pillow selections and arrangement.  That's what we're going to show you today - a few ideas for styling your bed beautifully every single time.  Yesterday we shared "How To Make A Bed" a great supportive post to this one.

Image Via:  Pinterest

Image Via:  Pinterest

Styling A Bed With Pillows

First, let's share a very useful tip:  Your throw pillow inserts should ideally be 2 sizes larger than the actual pillow cover so that you get a fuller, plumper look to your pillows.  This alone seriously elevates the whole mix to a very beautiful scene, so keep it in mind :)

There are many different ways of styling your bed so that it looks great.  We are quite minimalists around here, and really prefer a clean, no fuss look to  a bed vignette.  This means, stacked sleeping pillows and shams towards the back and three relatively big throw pillows in front.  That's it! 

Option 1 - 2 26" x 26" pillows and 1 - 24 x 24" pillow

Option 2 - 2 24" x 24" pillows, 1 22" x 22" pillow and 1 12" x 24" pillow

Option 3 - 2 26" x 26" pillows and 1 12" x 24" pillow

If you want a different, more customized result, we encourage you to have your pillow covers custom made to the size you want.  Consider sizes such as 

  • 24" x 36" for a dramatic effect
  • 12" x 36"
Guide To Styling A Beautiful Bed - SYNONYMOUS
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