The Easy Guide To Making A Bed

Ahhhh, the view of a perfectly made bed.  Could it get better than this?  If your room is a mess, but your bed is made, we say give yourself a pat on the back.  I mean, it's not like I always make my bed first thing in the morning, but I do try to get around it sometime before the evening hours because no one likes to get into a messy bed.  After staring at a few interiors and visiting the Viceroy Hotel a few days ago, we've corralled our tips and tricks for a perfectly made bed every single time.  We'll make it simple, promise... I've gotta add, it may be the age, but I just can't stand a messy bed, anymore.  The older I get, the stricter my cleaning habits become.  Is it me?  HA!

Image Via:  Pinterest 

Image Via:  Pinterest 

Guide To Making A Bed - The easy way

What You Need

  • Comfy Mattress... Please do invest in one you love and just want to jump on :)
  • Mattress Cover -  Ideal for extra comfort and mattress protection from stains and dust.
  • Fitted Sheet -  A taught fit is what you're after for these.
  • Flat Sheet -  I began doing this late in the game, but it is actually best if your flat sheet is placed front side down (facing the mattress) so that you envelop yourself with its softness when you're using it.  Make sure to fold the top over the duvet about 1/3 of the way down and tuck it under the mattress. 
  • Duvet + Duvet Cover -  Essential for a plump, cozy and fluffy bed.  Get yourself duvets filled with feathers and/or a mixture of feathers and down.  We tend to prefer a thicker option suitable for all seasons.  Also, fold it over about 1/3 of the way down. Like mentioned above ^ the flat sheet will lay over the duvet. 
  • Blanket -  These can be placed at the foot of the bed for some visual interest, while also being ideal to cover oneself with without having to completely pull the bed apart. 
  • Sleeping Pillows -  You'll need 2 sleeping pillows, 2 pillow shams, where one will be stacked on top of the other on either side of the bed.  If you prefer, lay the pillows again the headboard.
  • Throw Pillows -  Used as decorative pieces that will help tie in the color palette in the room.  We'll usually always use patterned fabrics here that have nothing to do with the actual bedding set.  Use as many as you need / want.  We like about 3 at a time, depending on the look we're after.  
  • Linen Refresher Spray -  Oh yes, this is definitely my favorite part of this whole process.  At the end of it all, we love spraying a bit of this natural, homemade linen spray  (minus the vodka) that may be customized with your favorite fragrance for a lovely smelling bed.  Ingredients are very simple: you'll just need distilled water and an essential oil blend of your choice :)
Rachel Winham

Rachel Winham

Follow our comprehensive graphic below to see "Our Guide To Making Your Bed - The Easy Way, Edition".  HA!

How To Make A Bed - The Easy Guide To Making A Bed - SYNONYMOUS

Videos always make things so easy to understand and we found this one from Inside Out that we think explains the process of making a bed flawlessly.

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