Banquete Seating Inspiration

Have you ever gone into a restaurant and wished you had a similar seating arrangement at home?  I sure have!  Lately, we've been very much into banquete seating, specially taking cue and inspiration from those found in hotels and luxury restaurants around the world.  We tend to gravitate towards commercial design and transforming those principals for residential because at the end it feels so sophisticated, classic and timeless, what we imagine many commercial designers aim for.  The photos we'll be featuring today are real representations of our love for banquete seating and how you may gather direct ideas from these interiors for your own home. 

Banquete seating is a very comfortable option to dining, ideal for smaller spaces as you may push the dining table closer to the wall and utilize an actual sofa or custom made banquete there with chairs on the opposite side.  The trick is to balance out the color palette, material selections and shapes used in the space for a truly cohesive arrangement.  

Designer Tip:  

On the opposite side of the banquete, use low, curved back upholstered chairs that seem to wrap around the table for an inclusive feel to your design.  Curved back chairs will break up all the rigid lines of a rectangular table and the straight lines of the banquete.  Of course, you may go for any style of chairs, but this idea will get you a very beautiful high end look to your dining space. 

Another Tip:  

Make sure to use highly durable / high performance fabrics on the banquete, so that you're not worrying about stains.  We recommend leather, vinyl, high performance Sunbrella fabric or linen. 

Banquete Seating Inspiration

A lot of the designs we are drawn to are high in contrast, where the banquete, table and chairs all differ in color, but coordinate beautifully.  This is what we mean by keeping in mind a wide selection of materials for a more curated feel.  If the color palette is kept restrained, you'll end up with a muted appearance, ideal for a subdued, soothing mix, though if you'd like a more eclectic look, feel free to utilize a wider range of colors and patterns.  Depending on the project brief, we'll probably always go for muted tones in any color combination.

In this particular design by Jouin Manku, the color palette is neutral with simple tones of cream, off-white and wood.  The effect is sophisticated and soothing.  You may recreate this look at home utilizing a very pale gray or cream leather on the banquette and chairs.  The golden hue of the lighting also adds to the warmth, yet brightness of the space, so opt for brass light fixtures, too.

Jouin Manku   Ha, the waiter in the shot :D

Jouin Manku  Ha, the waiter in the shot :D

Who said green is not chic?  With the right shade, the color can really be a timeless option as shown in this restaurant designed by Joseph Dirand Architects. The trick to this room is to choose a color, such as green, and coordinating it with other shades of green throughout for a monotone, but completely depth filled design.  Even the marble banquete surround has green in it making it a very well curated space.

This project by Charles Zana architects stopped us in our tracks.  Wow, just wow.  We are obsessed with the unexpected black leather (or vinyl) banquete paired with a Carrara marble table and dark-gray / black chairs.  Since the seating is dark, the rest of the room is light and bright with off-white walls and a very cool cream and brown wallpaper. 

You know we love a light and bright room, specially with touches of blue.  In this case, the following restaurant by Meyer Davis utilizes beautiful pastel shades of dusty-blue and taupe-brown.  We also love the scattered hints of brass and black accents throughout.  Like a lot, that is :D

Another design by Meyer Davis, this banquete dining arrangement is the definition of rustic chic.  Take note of the wood planked walls, coordinating ivory-cream banquete and darker cognac leather chairs.  The look translates to warm, rustic, tone on tone goodness.   

We've shared this photo a few times on the Synonymous blog and must link it again because the design is seriously perfect <3

Black, white and gray are colors that always look absolutely amazing together.  Mix in some touches of wood here and there and you've got yourself a beautiful space, making this one is no exception.  We love the sleek, high-back gray linen banquete paired with the Artdeco inspired chairs that appear to have cognac leather seat cushions and back rests.  It's all in the details, people!  

Navy blue and chestnut / cognac never looked this good.  This space is specially great because the banquete seat is made of leather (could be vinyl, too), the chairs of high performance velvet and the table from wood.  These materials paired together create loads of interest, for sure.  Consider this when designing in your own home. 

Banquete seating in the home is equally useful and very pretty.  Just check out these designs...

What a cool way to design with a settee, right?  We love this room so much.

This tufted banquete upholstered in an emerald green velvet looks stunning, that's it!  We also really respect the idea of a small sofa or settee in place of a built-in banquete for smaller spaces.  Take note of that :D 

What do you guys think about banquete seating?  Do you currently have it in your home?  Would you consider it?  Remember it may be placed anywhere in the home where space may be limited or where you prefer a more intimate, relatively compact seating arrangement.  These include offices, casual dining rooms or games rooms.  Where would you place yours and how would you design it?  Let us know on the comments below <3 

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