Cognac Leather: Our Favorite Uses

Yesterday we spoke a tiny bit about cognac leather and how much we seriously love it.  On that post we shared that we're considering using it for our custom banquete seating in our future studio's conference room (could be a high performance fabric, too) so we thought to continue the talk today.  We're sharing our favorite ways to utilize cognac or caramel colored leather in your spaces, while of course keeping in mind sophisticated approaches to this material.

We definitely think cognac leather could be utilized anywhere, but we specially love it used in smaller applications here and there just for a pop of texture, color and warmth.

Cognac / Caramel Leather

Before we show you some awesome inspirational photos, we must share our product highlight of the day featuring, yep, cognac leather.  We love this chair for casual dining rooms, offices or surrounding a round game table.  Its uses are truly versatile.  If interested, it may be purchased through Synonymous, so simply contact us with your purchase inquiry and we'll get you sorted. 

Banquete Seating:  Lets start off with banquete's because we find this is such a gorgeous way to use a durable material, such as leather in a comfortable, casually chic space.  Absolutely love how it has been utilized in these spaces.

Cognac / Caramel / Brown Leather:  Our Favorite Ways To Use It - Synonymous -
Image Found Via: Pinterest

Image Found Via: Pinterest

Bedroom:  The bedroom is an interesting place to use leather, either on the bed, side chair, bench or even pillows.

Entryways:  We love a good entryway vignette as discussed on a related post and are totally approving of adding leather here, too.

Window Seats:  This has got to be our second most favorite way to use cognac leather in a very subtle, yet impactful way.  Window seats are known to be compact, and just accent areas of the home.  Utilizing leather on the upholstered seat is not only interesting, but it will add so much warmth to the space.  We love our window seats in general to be thick and fluffy so that they appear more like a comfy sofa.

Living Spaces:  Naturally, a living room, family room, office or den are the most obvious places for comfortable seating, so adding leather anywhere in these is always a good idea.

Naturally, leather can be used anywhere, specially in areas where you want the utmost durability possible. We seem to gravitate towards cognac colored leather more because of its warmth and golden appeal.  It really works as a neutral and can be utilized absolutely anywhere in the home.  Where / how else would you use it?  Let us know in the comments below :D

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