Paola's First Editor's Confession - "The Power Of Broke"

We're going to try something a little bit different today, so kindly bare with us...

Recently, I've been feeling all sorts of emotions regarding the future of Synonymous and all the goals we're hoping to achieve within a few short years.  I'm feeling frustrated at the pace things are moving, impatient when I don't see results right away, scared that I may not be doing the right things, (very scared for the future in general), skeptical, indecisive at how to approach ideas, though overall ecstatic, enthusiastic and 100%, genuinely happy for what I'm attempting to create with our brand.

I've always known myself to be a perfectionist and overachiever, which growing up made me feel a bit annoyed because I thought "Why do I always want the things that are so difficult to attain?"  I was at times subliminally upset with the thought of having to work so hard for something I've been yearning for.  Though, throughout the years and actually quite recently even more as I'm working towards growing Synonymous, I've come to the conclusion and realization that...

For anything worth having, one must pay the price; and the price is always work, patience, love, self sacrifice.
— John Burroughs

I promise it's literally been this way for me -  lots of frustrations, work, love and a huge amount of sacrifice both from myself and from everyone involved in this dream; my family.

Just the other day, I was looking up book trailers on YouTube and I came across this particular one whose title caught my attention "The Power Of Broke".  I was like "Ok, let me give this a look..." After watching the video (I thought the title was so fitting), I felt a sudden connection to the message and I couldn't agree more with it (still haven't read the book, by the way).  In essence, being "broke" or moneyless shouldn't and isn't a barrier to succeeding.  In fact, more often than not, it becomes a driving force for improvement and success.  From personal experience, this couldn't be more true. These days especially, I am more convinced that money is no longer needed to create something impactful.  You now need good ideas, innovation, one of a kind approaches and solutions that will capture and become an interest to those willing to admire your work.  All this aside from the real desire to want to make something happen, of course.   

The Power Of Broke By: Daymond John

The Power Of Broke By: Daymond John

Growing up, my family never had an extra dollar they could say we'd use for things other than immediate necessities.  It's the reality for many and even today, I still feel that's the case for us.  This may be a cause of shame, but I genuinely feel no shame as I share this because in order to grow a business from the bottom, we've had to make serious sacrifices and invest our live's savings in family projects that may have not been successful. 

This brings me to another point that is - in order to succeed, one must have the audacity and willingness to fail.  This has been a reality for us because even while feeling super scared at the thought of losing it all and investing all our money and time, we never hesitated to try something new even if there was a possibility of it going all wrong.  At this, I feel completely proud of and this mentality alone has pushed me to create and envision so many wonderful opportunities and ideas for Synonymous. 

Another great connection to this all, is accepting that one is not wrong for feeling uncomfortable about ones current personal or business status / standing.  Or feeling this aching sensation that you could be doing so much more.  Have you ever felt that?  I know I have...  MY WHOLE LIFE!  Every single time I think of an idea, I'm working towards developing it and right away I'm already thinking of something else to create or brainstorming ways of how to improve because I just can't stay still.  I want more, more and more.  And having more is fine, guys, it truly is.  Only if you're really willing to actually work towards it and if you know deep within that you have superior goals.

*** You know that tip, "Keep all your ideas in one place and whenever one comes to mind, immediately write it down"... I've been following this method ever since I was in elementary school.  It's such a great way to stay centered and what you're working towards suddenly becomes serious. ***  

I find I seem to develop ideas and work towards achieving goals (that I'm going to call "foundational goals" for the sake of this revelation) that unconsciously I am using as a mere step to a superior goal.  Think of it as a staircase.  Right now I sense we're at the very bottom of it, but with the help of my "foundational goals" (I literally just made this up, but to me they mean goals that are used as a building tool) I'm attempting to each certain amount of time go up those steps until I reach the top; my "superior goal" or in other words "MY DREAM".  Whatever it is, I know that it's there and that I'm never 100% content with my current standing until I reach that "superior goal".  Be it creating something memorable and meaningful with Synonymous or developing a genuine brand with complex, well developed layers aimed towards "experiencing the finer things in life", even if it is through interior design. After all, interiors play such a huge role on one's well being, mood and overall efficiency.

What did you think about my first Editor's Confession?   I always have some philosophical thing to say and I thought why not share it with you all here on the Synonymous blog through a diary like, casual conversation.  HA!  Hope you've enjoyed the rant.  I'll leave you with an inspiration photo I've been drooling over for the last few days.  I just love the olive green sofa so much 😍

Paola Arletty's First Editor's Confession - "The Power Of Broke" By Daymond John - - Synonymous