Why We Prefer The Solid Slab Backsplash

When designing a space we hope to create timeless vignettes that will look great even amid the inevitable mess of everyday living.  We find that sophisticated spaces happen to look very well kept even with the mess around, which is why we are more inclined to design them this way.  Think custom, classic and sophisticated hotel lobbies, rooms and lounge spaces.  For residential living, we follow the same principle, though inject a bit more edgy-ness to balance out the formality.  Today, we're discussing our very favorite backsplash idea and why we love it so much.

Solid Slab Backsplash

Streamlined Design

Solid slab backslashes have got to be our very favorite style of backslash because they simply look so clean, classic and smooth.  As we mentioned a few times before, we are not big fans of grout lines, so we do tend to suggest bigger sized tiles, or use a white or light gray grout color.  Utilizing a single slab of marble as your backsplash, for example, will offer a very streamlined, modern / minimal look to your kitchen design and we couldn't love this more. 

Design By:  Amber Interiors

Design By: Amber Interiors


Easier To Clean

A single solid slab will be easier to clean, so no more worrying about the dirt collecting on your grout and having to clean it with a toothbrush.  All you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth and/or with a special product designed for your backsplash material and you're good to go.

Expand The Space

In a small kitchen or bathroom, a solid slab as the backsplash will actually make the space appear larger and will truly make it look a lot less crowded than a space that features smaller sized tiles and grout lines.

Why We Prefer Single Slab Backsplash - SYNONYMOUS

Focal Point

A solid slab will force you to be very diligent about what material to use and we find this as a great opportunity to showcase a special and dominant material that will make a statement in the kitchen.  Materials that we love include, Carrara Marble, Statuary Marble, Calacatta Marble or a marble look alike quartz.  There are many marble look alike porcelain tiles out there that can be installed in a large format for the same effect.  This though, we recommend for smaller kitchens such as the ones in New York City apartments. 


If you're one of those people who fears having hardwood in the kitchen, most likely you will opt for a tiled floor.  Tiled floors equals grout lines, so in order to balance the space from too many lines, we propose a solid slab backsplash and this will seriously make such an impact and difference to the overall look of the kitchen design.

Image Via:  Behance

Image Via: Behance


As you can see, the use of a single, solid slab of material as a backsplash is such a beautiful alternative to small sized tiles such as the classic subway tile look.  Don't get me wrong, we do love a good subway tile backsplash, but if we have a choice I think we'd always go for a smooth surface with a single slab of marble as the backsplash.  Sure, this option is not a possibility to many due to the budget constraints, so definitely install what you can :)

Why We Prefer Single Slab Backsplash - SYNONYMOUS
Why We Prefer Solid Slab Backsplash - SYNONYMOUS
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