One Step From Classic: Gray Cabinets + Our Favorite Gray Paints

I don't even know how to begin this without a smile on my face, already.  I just LOVE gray cabinets, wow!  Like, LOVE, LOVE!  If I had to choose two colors to design with forever, they would definitely be white and gray... uhh, add in black, too because, well, I can't live without a good touch of black.  Gray is such a perfect medium color that works great in both modern, traditional, and classic interiors and gives off the feel of serenity that I seek in all of the interiors we design.

Lately, we've been loving gray cabinets in kitchens and any cabinetry, really, because it is a great departure from the classic "all white" look.  Lets swoon over gray cabinets, shall we and consider them for our next project, please.  Also, find our favorite, sophisticated and classic gray paint colors below.

We tend to like grays toward the lighter side of the spectrum and with a few notes of blue, taupe undertones.  These offer a calming effect, for a warm atmosphere, specially in modern spaces.  

Synonymous's favorite sophisticated & classic gray paints 

I'm sure we missed a few others that are truly so gorgeous, but these are the ones we were able to think of immediately, so that should say something about how much we love them, right?  We envision these colors anywhere from kitchen cabinets, to office built-ins to mudroom spaces and of course, on walls.  I remember we painted an Ikea shoe cabinet in "Revere Pewter" by B.M and it gave off the most soft and calming effect, specially paired with the all white kitchen it was in.  Couldn't recommend these shades of gray more, people!


Walls painted "Gray Owl" B.M

Walls painted "Anchor Gray" B.M - Design By: Christopher Patrick Interiors

Cabinetry / Buil-Ins painted "Platinum Gray" B.M

Cabinets painted "Hardwick White" F.B

"Edgecomb Gray" B.M is not the featured paint color on these cabinets, but Devol Kitchens assured that it is the closest match to this custom paint color.

Walls painted "Downpipe" F.B

So what do you think of these classic gray paint colors?  Where would you use them?  If you're ever wondering what gray color to use, consider one of these options and we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Paola ArlettyComment