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Welcome to the official Synonymous blog. Here, we'll share our wealth of knowledge on all things design and express our passion for architecture and interior design in the most genuine and educational way. The purpose of this blog is to showcase design How-To's and to reveal Synonymous projects, future plans and ideas. Please enjoy this platform and visit us for new content posted regularly. 

The story behind Synonymous is quite interesting because it actually started as a luxury online store for baby & Child.  The idea was to launch an online store for baby (baby fashion is another one of my hidden interests) so that the money gathered could be used towards building my interior design firm - my MAIN passion and career choice. 

Synonymous - Design Firm Based in New York City - Design Services


I can't pin point how the name Synonymous came about.  I promise it literally popped into my head one evening as a possible name for the online shop and immediately I loved it.  It made so much sense to me because I'm known to go on google to type "synonym for...", like all the time, that is.  I guess I don't really like using the same words each time specially during essay writing as I'm still in college.  I'm not studying interior design, by the way, but that's another blog post.  In short, Synonymous seemed like the perfect choice for me even way before I connected the reasons as to why I loved it. 

One, it sounds so sophisticated, I think and the BEST reason of all, it could mean anything.  A synonym is a word that means exactly or nearly the same as another word.  So, I thought our brand could be Synonymous with ______(<-- enter word here), which in essence relates so well with our mission of offering a selection of thoughtfully curated interiors, in this case.  Synonymous with luxury, synonymous with sophistication and elegance. The list goes on and on. 

So why did I decide to transfer the online shop's name to the interior design firm?  Well, I loved that it was a name I loved, and I was keen on naming the company a one word name. Quick, simple to remember and to type into the URL.  A no fuss name, yes!  I also didn't want to have a brand with my birth name attached to it because it would just be weird for me having to say my name every time I had to reference the design firm.  I wasn't about to deal with that, guys. 

Synonymous - Design Firm Based in New York City - Design Services



I must admit I was and still am terrified of growing an interior design firm business from the ground up, specially amid all the complexities that entails. From growing your clientele, to marketing the business, to working hours on end with sometimes no immediate compensation. At times, I found myself doubting my skills, style and fearing that I'm not good enough or that I'll just be another one of the bunch, when in reality I have so much to offer.  Of course, all thoughts of doubt immediately wipe away because I am very determined and aside from a few things like invested money, time and effort, I truly have nothing to lose.  My dream is to showcase interiors by Synonymous and to simply do what I love, which is to design.  I wish to thoughtfully bring the field into spotlight to the Spanish speaking community and to become a one stop resource for interior design fanatics, among many other things I can't remember right now. 



Synonymous had been in the works since I was 17, except I was offering my services for free and then at a highly reduced fixed price to homeowners who trusted my vision and who gave me the opportunity to have fun. Fun! That's what it is! Interior design is an absolute pleasure for me - filled with fun even with all the coordination that takes place.  One day I just decided I wanted to provide my design services professionally in order to offer much more.  I remember dreading my interest and being quite upset with myself for liking a field that is so dense with competition and that requires a lot more than just going to school for it.  I thought "Why can't I just like science and become an orthodontist, or something? Easy, go to school for it and get hired at a medical practice".  Instead, I was stuck loving an art driven field that required growing a clientele, marketing services, working with opinions, likes and that demanded coordination from a list of trades.  Pressure from so many sources sometimes pushes one to do things that we're not fond of.  While, more often than not, I hear people dreading their careers or later drastically switching paths in life.  I wanted to avoid this at all costs. 

Synonymous - Design Firm Based in New York City - Design Services


With this message, I hope to encourage more of you to follow your dreams and to always look at the bright side.  Push through the skepticism and go for it.  At the end of it all, you'll feel more content and even if things don't go the way you planed it, there are so many ways to adjust and regroup. 

Whoa, this monologue got a bit emotional very quickly, eh?  In all seriousness, follow along our journey as we try to make Synonymous into something more than just a dream!

Come back tomorrow for our first Design Study where we'll show you "The Anatomy of a Bedroom"

Synonymous - Design Firm Based in New York City - Design Services
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