Design Diary: oversized vases + floral arrangements

We've been obsessing over beautiful entryway vignettes these days and are specially in love with a classic, sophisticated approach.  We've also always loved a beautiful flower arrangement and turns out the more substantial the better.  Wow, we really just love oversized vases with a dramatic foliage to create loads of impact in a space.  Below, we've complied a few of our favorites that shall serve as inspiration for your entryway console table, living room side table or dining table centerpiece.  We find the bigger the arrangement the simpler you can go on the rest of the decor on the featured surface.  The arrangement can serve as an art piece all on its own, which is great when one is not very much into cluttering every single surface available, you know? 

oversized vases + floral arrangements

Image Via: Pinterest 

Image Via: Pinterest 

You really can't go wrong with greenery such as Magnolia, Fraxinus, Olive or Willow branches.  And/or, a full on flower arrangement with all the power that alone may bring to a space.  We find that an oversized approach is highly sophisticated and unexpected, so consider it for your own home.  Play around with sizes and different plants to discover the perfect combination that can bring joy and elegance.  I first started noticing these substantial arrangements in New York City residential buildings as it seems every single lobby has a console table and some sort of oversized vase and floral arrangement that someone would change weekly.  When I worked at The Ashley  , upon entering the building, I would spot the most beautiful arrangements on the console table right across from the entrance.  It is the perfect way to welcome someone with a pop of natural texture amid all the hard surfaces.

Design Diary:  Oversized Vases and Floral Arrangements - SYNONYMOUS