Magic Tea?

I've come across this lovely sounding tea company called YOUR TEA.  Not only is the name so absolutely, positively, incredibly adorable but I am truly intrigued by the variety of teas that they offer (Happy Tea, Her Tea, Man Tea, Hangover Tea or Sleep tea). YOUR TEA also has teas for detox (better known as Teatox, weight loss, antioxidant packed and so many other varieties that target distinct results.  All with a fabulous name and description to go along with them, wouldn't you agree? 

Skin Magic Tea By: YOUR TEA

I decided to give this company a try by delving into their Skin Magic Teaare you surprised?  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I'm into that whole 'getting your skin to look its best' obsession.  (Check out what I do to achieve an incredibly soft skin for more details).  This tea sounded promising, and with a name that convincing I had to give it a try.  I mean, I had nothing to lose.  I love tea and by now you guys must have that clear with my Tea For Comfort and my delicious Chamomile Iced Tea.  

Skin Magic Tea By: YOUR TEA

Skin Magic Tea

What It Claims

Will help you reach a clear complexion with its main ingredient Aloe Vera having cleansing and clearing properties.  It will assist in acne, cystic pimples, hormonal skin, uneven skin tone, eczema and digestion.  The reviews for this were great and positive so I had to get it.  Some mentioned it made their skin soft, cleared blemishes, suppressed appetite, increased energy and just experienced an overall bright complexion.  I ordered a box of 60 tea bags on May 1, 2015 and it arrived just two days ago May 12. That's a LONG time to wait, but it's finally here. 


My Initial Thoughts

The packaging is so beautiful, I loved it from the moment I saw it as it conveys a very natural, organic yet classy look. Those are points right there. 

Skin Magic Tea By: YOUR TEA

How To Drink It

The directions say to consume 30 minutes before or after your meal, twice a day but avoid drinking at night or with a meal. 

Skin Magic Tea

The Tea

After letting it brew for 4-7 minutes in hot water I then added a teaspoon or so of honey and boy (girl, lady, man..) was that sooo yummy.  Delicious indeed I tell you.  I'm sure it would taste even better with a squeeze of lemon.

Skin Magic Tea By: YOUR TEA

The Taste

Skin Magic Tea has a very gentle, mild and smooth taste that is very comforting to the throat.  I don't remember tasting any specific flavors as it sort of just tasted a bit like the honey I added.  But I felt like I didn't have enough of it after one sip, I wanted more. 

Skin Magic Tea


Retails for $35 + tax + shipping so I did find it a bit steep, although you are getting 60 bags in total.  I feel that I might be a bit hesitant to purchase it in the future because of how long it took to arrive, but if the results are great I will definitely ignore this.  


The tea bag is very close to the edge of the wrapper so when I ripped the top off, I sort of ripped a tiny bit of the tea bag which is why you see some dark flakes in my cuppa tea.  Also, since I haven't had enough time drinking skin magic, I can't go right ahead and recommend it for its benefits but so far so good, it really tastes delicious. I will keep you informed about the results I'm seeing.  I seriously have really high hopes for this.

Quick update, you guys:  The Lavilin Deodorant Cream that I reviewed the other day has been working amazingly for me so far.  Like I mentioned on that post, I would give this natural deodorant another try, so I did.  WOW!  I am so happy.  I haven't experienced any armpit odor at all! Mainly because prior to going back to the cream, I have been using the roll on version for weeks which is another natural deodorant.  In short, I have been alternating between the two.  This allows for the effectiveness of the whole "go natural" motto that Lavilin promotes for your underarm deodorants.  I sweat through it while being very active and go about my life as normal but still no odor whatsoever.  I'm sensing eventually I will not have to wear deodorant everyday as the cream suggests.