Lavilin Deodorant Cream

Ever since I have vowed to live a more natural lifestyle I have opted to switch from harmful, chemical filled products such as my deodorant.  These carry harmful chemicals and additives that are truly unnecessary.  Surely they work wonderfully in combating body odor and holding back the sweat, but they are down right disgusting when considering what they are made out of.  Commercial deodorants usually are composed of ingredients impossible to recognize or pronouce which is why I looked everywhere for a more natural alternative.

Lavilin underarm deodorant cream

Lavilin underarm deodorant cream

I have tried my own homemade deodorant version using :Coconut Oil, essential oils (lavender and lemon), baking soda and arrowroot or cornstarch.  This one worked great for a while but it doesn't completely eliminate the stench for hours.  I did love how smooth my armpits were after using my homemade deodorant though, plus the scent was lovely.

However, knowing how busy I am daily, I needed a more relaible natural deodorant that would keep me feeling fresh and clean even hours upon hours after applying it.  This is where Lavilin Deodorant Cream came to my rescue.

I needed a more reliable, fresh, natural deodorant 

I needed a more reliable, fresh, natural deodorant 

I can't quite remember what site I first heard about it, but after reading a couple reviews I was intrigued by the potential powers this deodorant offered.

The Basics

Free of: Parabens, aluminums, harmful chemicals, alcohol, completely natural.

Lavilin is a completely natural deodorant cream

Lavilin is a completely natural deodorant cream

What it Claims

With ONE single application of this relatively thick cream, you will be free of odor for up to 7 whole days.  Bathing, showering, sports or physical activities will not interfere with this deodorant's effectiveness.  You MUST follow the instructions prior to using this product for the first time.

Lavilin claims that, with Lavilin, you will be free of odor for up to 7 days

Lavilin claims that, with Lavilin, you will be free of odor for up to 7 days


You MUST NOT use any deodorant for at least 5 days prior to using Lavilin.  The longer your armpits have the time to get rid of some of the harmful chemicals found in your current deodorant, the better results you may have with Lavilin at the very beginning.  

Instructions for using Lavilin underarm cream

Instructions for using Lavilin underarm cream

How It Worked For ME 

  • When I first used this product I followed the directions well but not very well.  I didn't use my Dove deodorant for about 4 or 5 days but looking back now, I should have not used it for weeks. Why? Because I have been using commercial deodorants my whole life, that means years upon years of buildup in my pits so I figured 5 days is not enough time to allow some of the harmful chemicals to thoroughly come off.  A month might be a more adequate amount of time.  Note that this truly depends on your body's chemistry. You may have to decide how MUCH longer you'd like to go off your current deodorant..?  
Instructions for using Lavilin deodorant cream

Instructions for using Lavilin deodorant cream

  • My first application lasted just about 10 hours before I began to notice a faint B.O. But the product claims you can go up to 7 days without re-appying it.  I didn't loose hope.  I truly wanted this product to work!  So I continued to apply it everyday as normal after my shower.
  • I noticed, everyday it would last longer and longer before I had to re-apply it, which was great, but still I had to apply it daily,  Boo-hooo!
  • Lastly, I gave up and went back to my Dove Deodorant.  BIG MISTAKE!  I will go back to following the program well because I just know it has to work for me the way it claims! 

How It Worked For My Younger Brother

My brother does not have as many years wearing deodorant as I do.  In fact, he had just recently began using one when I introduced to him Lavilin which is why I find it worked great for him right away.  He followed the instructions, and the product literally works wonders for him.  Before, he would have the most offensive, yucky, armpit stench from playing sports but after he began using Lavilin it was completely, and I mean seriously GONE.  

He began with one application everyday for a week and after that he has not had to re-apply this deodorant cream for even weeks on end.  He applies it once every other week, and sometimes there are weeks he doesn't even use it at all.  It's incredible, people!  My brother now does not have to use deodorant everyday.  He showers as normal, but skips deodorant even with his strenuous physical activities like playing basketball. 

Lavilin natural deodorant cream

Lavilin natural deodorant cream

Do I recommend it?

YES, YES, YES, people.  You MUST try this deodorant cream.  Imagine not having to worry about applying deodorant or about the white/cloudy residue left on your armpit and best yet, about the nasty stench that can suddenly appear there..?  This product will save you loads of time, money and ultimately allow your armpits to really breathe!

There is also a roll on version of Lavilin which I'll be reviewing after I have enough time using it.

The Price 

The Lavilin site sells it for $17 (a very steep price) but considering this is a one application deodorant for up to 7 days, it will last you a very long time.  You also just need the tiniest amount on each armpit when you do happen to apply it. 


  • You can last weeks without re-applying deodorant if directions are followed accordingly
  • Scent is very light, almost non-existent
  • Does not clog pores
  • Completely natural
  • Eliminates odor 
  • You can re-apply it throughout the day for odor protection without washing your pits
  • Product lasts quite a long time (I've had mine for months and I still have some cream left in the tub)
  • Cost Effective ($17 may seem like a lot, but in the long run, if you follow the program well, you will not have to buy deodorant AT ALL, or as often) 


  • Thick, white cream, may be a bit annoying to wash off (but you'll get used to it)
  • You really have to follow the instructions listed on the box prior to your first application
  • Before satisfactory results, you may have to go through a process of detoxifying your armpits from harmful chemicals found in your current deodorant before applying Lavilin (I recommend not wearing deodorant for a whole month...If you truly can't, at least 2 weeks). 

* I know Lavilin says to refrain from deodorant for just 48 hours, but believe me, the longer you wait the better.

Where To Buy

Amazon (they have the cheapest price).

UDATED May 22, 2015 *** The Lavilin deodorant cream has been working soooooo well for me.  I began to use it again after using the roll on version and I literally have no odor even after sweating or even days later.