DIY Marble Tray

If you're like me and you just can't get enough of marble or the look of it, then you know you must make this simple yet beautiful and sophisticated marble tray.  It looks so expensive as if bought from West Elm or Williams Sonoma.  The materials are a few very good quality ones, so it will last you a lifetime if cared for properly.  

DIY Marble Tray

While at Home Depot (boy do I love that store) I was walking around when I spotted the most amazing display of all things marble.  *glistening eyes*  It was truly a magnificent sight people. Wow!  I didn't know what to begin putting my hands on first... the tiles, the backsplash, the door knobs, I nearly swooned over the beauty.  When I finally own a home, all the countertops (kitchen & Bathroom) will be marble, guaranteed.  I was experimenting a bit, check below...

I could't go home empty-handed so I stocked on three slabs of marble (truly floor tiles, but hey, who's watching?) around $4 each and wondered what I would do with it?  I remembered I wanted a tray for my vanity, plus the ones I had seen online, and that's how this project was born.


  • Large Marble Slab
  • Drawer Pulls
  • Felt Pads
  • Gorilla Glue (or any industrial, heavy duty glue you can find) (E6000 is good too)
DIY Marble Tray
DIY Marble Tray (I used this glue for adhering the drawer pulls)


1.  Stick the already adhesive felt pads onto the bottom corners of the marble slab.  (For more security add a drop of glue onto the pads as well)

2.  Determine where you want your drawer pulls to finally lay by marking them with a pencil.  You may need a ruler to measure the distance accordingly. 

3.  Then add glue to the bottom of the drawer pulls and stick them where you previously marked them on your slab.  Remove the excess glue that leaked out with a wet cloth.

4.  Let it dry for a very long time (approximately 2-3 days) considering the materials are marble and metal.  

DIY Marble Tray

I had so much excitement putting this cute tray together because I knew I would have loads of uses for it.  I am currently holding some of my mostly used perfumes, face masks and lip products on it.  But you can place it in your bathroom, use it as a cheese and cracker tray or anything else you wish for. 

DIY Marble Tray

Although it would be "cool" to walk around the home carrying this baby around, and exhibiting it to surrounding eyes, I warn you that it is very heavy and that it is not meant to be used this way.  I suggest it is simply placed on a surface (vanity, coffee table, chest, side table etc) and leaving it there to live happily. Jajajajaj!  Be gentle and careful with it, and it should be just fine :)

DIY Marble Tray
DIY Marble Tray

  Enjoy and I hope you make this tray, for it is truly a lovely, sophisticated piece to have at home.  Let me know if you do :)