Simplify Laundry Day

Woo-hoo, two posts in one day! Yay!  Who would've thought?  That is after weeks of not posting anything..  Sorry about that, honestly.  Well let's get into a chore many like to avoid, but it is spring and this is the time we get into "deep clean the entire house" mode, am I right? Jajaja

simplify your laundry day

simplify your laundry day

I know doing laundry might be a dreadful task, boring, time consuming and perhaps annoying.  But it truly doesn't have to be if you get into the habit of following a routine that works for you and your family.

I used to hate it, and as embarrassing as it is, I would leave that chore to my mother because I would see how fatigued she looked after it.  I am not proud of this, people.  Now? I don't have a problem with spending my whole day sorting, washing and folding clothes, linens, bed sheets, towels etc.

Simplify your Laundry Day

  1. Create a Routine-  This will get you into a habit that you're comfortable with and that will keep you centered on the goal that is getting the laundry done

  2. Free Yourself-  Choose a day when you know you will be free of any other commitment or chore
  3. Clean Home-  This day should be one your home is clean and perhaps tidied up because there's nothing worse than juggling around clean clothes, linens etc. when the home feels crowded and stuffy with mess.  Plus I definitely do not want to worry about cleaning when I'm already tackling a time consuming chore that is laundry
  4. One Day-  This may be and sound exhausting, but wash everything in one day.  Start in the morning or early afternoon so that you can finish promptly.  Dedicating one single day to laundry will allow you to have the other days of the week free to tackle something else at home plus you will finally just get over the chore once and for all
  5. Stock Up-  Have all your materials, detergents, fabric softeners, on hand.  It would be annoying to have to get out of the house just to buy some the day of. 
  6. Create Piles-  In order to wash items together, the easiest method is to sort by color.  This way no matter what type it is, you will be able to dump everything in the washer without fear of discoloration.  All whites together (this includes sheets, clothes, towels etc). This is my favorite step.  Opt for baskets labeled for different colors so that throughout the week you can throw each item in its designated area in order to cut down on the sorting the day of.
  7. To the Next-  Once your washer finishes with one load, quickly dump it into the dryer and start the next load.  There's no time to waste.
  8. Multitask-  While you wait you may quickly tackle the cooking, the grocery shopping, homework, remake the bed with fresh linens or even the tidying up, if necessary  
  9. Two Options-  Wait until ALL the laundry is washed and dried to fold  or fold and store them as they get out the dryer.  Depending on my mood that particular day/week, I alternate between these two methods.  

Et voilà, my friends.  This routine has kept me interested in completing the laundry and helping loads around the home.  

What's your laundry day routine?