Neutral Baby Girl Nursery Reveal

Last week Friday we announced the winners of our first Synonymous Baby Giveaway and we couldn't be more excited and pleased to give back to our followers.  We thought it was only fitting to continue the baby theme, today.  Since It's been a long time coming, we're finally sharing a project we've been working on for a few short months and are super excited about it.  I think this client found us through Synonymous Baby, our luxury online store for baby & child and decided to give us a chance to design her baby girl's nursery through E-Design.  She contacted us not knowing what she really wanted for the space, so we helped her narrow down her wishes and essentials.  The result is a sophisticated and classic nursery that will surely grow with the baby and will provide all the sereneness and comfort the parents were after, too.

From the start, we were all keen on designing a space that felt timeless, perhaps a tiny bit traditional, but above all very much put together.  Like us, the parents are not huge fans of themed / cartoon like appearances in children's spaces, so opted for a sophisticated approach to the introduction of more "child friendly" motifs.  We're all very happy with how the nursery turned out and seriously feel very grateful for the opportunity we were given.  It's always been a dream of mine to design a baby girl's nursery, not gonna lie :D

Since this nursery was designed through E-Design, we do not have actual photos of the space, but we'll leave you with the design board and AutoCad drawings so that you can envision the space.  A few sources will be left below for your reference.

Neutral Baby Girl Nursery (Cream, taupe and dusty pink color palette) - SYNONYMOUS
Neutral Baby Girl Nursery (Cream, taupe and dusty pink color palette) - SYNONYMOUS

The use of soft neutrals with a pop of dusty pink in the pillows and rug are the perfect mix for a calming, neutral nursery.  

Designer Tips 

  • Add Seating:  We find a sofa, plus an upholstered chair are great additions to a nursery because parents and guests can comfortably accompany the baby.  It also offers a place to read to the child as well as lounge while the baby is asleep or playing.  To prevent the space from looking like a living room, opt for a single seat cushion sofa or a sleeper sofa if the room is to be shared with incoming guests.
  • No More Nursery Gliders:  Design has come a long way, and with it new ideas arise.  Instead of buying the common nursery glider + rocker, consider a regular upholstered chair that can be used even after the nursery turns into a big girl / boy room.
  • A Different Changing Station:  We cannot recommend enough the use of a regular dresser in a nursery space.  Truthfully, you do not need an actual changing table dresser.  Opt for your favorite piece and simply top it off with a changing pad, secured with velcro.  Maybe it's just me, but I liked changing the babies on the floor when I was working as a nanny.  More surface space and I find it a lot more comfortable, too, as the baby grows.  The one featured in this design is very popular among us, here at Synonymous.  We seem to use it over and over again.  The size, and absolutely perfect soft gray stain is ideal for all sorts of spaces.   

In this particular nursery, the cabinets flanking the crib are custom built-in bookcases that will be facing the crib to help diminish the load on that main wall.  If the built-ins were facing out, we run the possibility of a crowded look once the books are in.  We really wanted the crib to be the focal point along with the gorgeous cream grasscloth wallpaper, one of our favorite features in this nursery.  The table lamp is such an unexpected addition that is not only sophisticated, but completely whimsical.

Neutral Baby Girl Nursery:  Crib, Crib Bumper, Crib Fitted Sheet, Rug, Wallpaper.  Everything else can be purchased through Synonymous.  Please Contact Us with any purchase inquiries. 

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Neutral Baby Girl Nursery (Cream, taupe and dusty pink color palette) - SYNONYMOUS