The Synonymous Company Profile is LIVE

Woo-hoo, finally!

Clearly an about page wasn't enough — I was determined to create a company profile that went a little bit more in depth on who we are, our mission, aesthetic, and ultimate goals.  The PDF file features a selection of our designs as well as the coolest, most accurate mood board.  After browsing Pinterest, I located photographs that illustrated our aesthetic as closely as possible, creating a mood board we're calling: The Synonymous Signature Aesthetic Mood Board.  A befitting name, yes!  The entire composition reads Synonymous, wouldn't you agree?  A lovely Instagram follower commented on the photo, explaining what she saw and I think she's 100% correct :)  We're going to be showing this company profile to potential clients, industry leaders, and as an introduction to business collaborations.  Go take a look, friends.   

Very classy, very elegant, with modern twist. Hip and Fab
— A Lovely Instagram Follower
Synonymous Company Profile Interior Design Mood Board — Synonymous Luxury Interior Design NYC —

Oh, I went ahead adding an updated version of a rustic chic dining room I had shared a while back.  Love how this design turned out.  I know our portfolio is currently composed of wanna be CGI's, jajaja, but they're our way of representing the overall schemes we envision.  I LOVE CGI's (Computer Generated Imagery) or in other words, photo realistic renderings, but they take ages to complete, plus are labor intensive, so unless necessary or specially requested, we're currently doing the design boards this way.  Still gets the point across, eh?

Rustic Chic Dining Room by Synonymous —

Bye, bye for now, my lovelies. Hope you like our company profile.  Eventually I'd like to update it once we go through an entire rebrand for Synonymous, but for now it is serving us just fine :) 

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