Oval Marble Coffee Table Plans

Now that I have established my obsession with marble, I want to share with you my vision for the marble coffee table I introduced to you HERE and HERE.  Hopefully this post gives you ideas as to how you may change an existing table in order to spruce it up and give it a new look.  I also did one of these "Plans" post with my china cabinet.

Oval Marble Coffee Table Plans

I am very inspired by the 'Brass Movement' going on lately so naturally I want this table to feature some hot looking brushed brass legs or base.  Unfortunately, I seem to not be into hairpin legs, which sucks because those are the most inexpensive options out there even when you buy them in heavy duty raw steel (at least from my research, that is).  You can buy them at Hair Pin Legs For Less (HA, see what I mean by cheap?) and find them in a variety of colors and sizes.  Don't get me wrong, I do believe these legs work great on certain furniture pieces but on this marble coffee table in particular, they would just be too petit, thin and sort of dwarfed looking.  This marble top, that not only is super heavy ( luckily, it is not attached to the base at all seeing as its massive weight keeps it in place) but also large (53 1/2" long by 20" wide), needs a substantial base to hold it.  A base that doesn't necessarily compete with it but that is equally proportioned in both size and wow factor.

Something like this, is what I am referring to... 

Source        In case you're interested in that coffee table it is from   Jonathan Adler

Source       In case you're interested in that coffee table it is from  Jonathan Adler


So, I've been checking many different online shops and Etsy to see if I can find a beautiful, structured and sculptural brass base (or any other that I may spray paint a brass color) and indeed I've found some contenders that are exactly what I am looking for.  The only problem is all the ones I am drawn to are ridiculously expensive (urghh, why?).  The other problem is I need to first figure out how I want the finished coffee table to look like before I buy any base.  I also need to consider that getting a new base might mean loosing the bottom shelf for storage and I sort of really want a shelf at the bottom, because, why not display as much as you can?

Circular table tops are seriously a lot simpler to work with because any design for the base looks great on them.  Oval table tops, on the other hand?  Not so much.  I feel that not every structure will suit the oval shape of the table top so I am having a lot of trouble deciding what sort of base I want to use seeing as I've made up my mind about not using individual legs (usually 4) because I'll then be forced to place them in the expected locations:  One on each "corner".  With an actual base, I have the option to either place a large one in the center, or buy two bases and place one on either side of the oval so that the table may stand firmly on the floor.  Heck, a base just looks more high end, refined, expensive.  Must be because they are.  

Marble Coffee Table Bases

Marble Coffee Table Bases Brass table bases

1. Brass Hairpin Table Legs   2.  Round Side Table Base  3.  Flat Brass Table Legs  4.  X Coffee Table Base

All of the above bases are available in REAL brass so as a result their prices reflect that.  In short, they are very expensive but if I save enough I could probably commit.  Of all 4, my favorite one is definitely #3 because it mimics the One Kings Lane version quite well, plus it is simple yet structured.  I am torn between getting a real brass base or simply spray painting a raw steel base a brass color.  What would you suggest?

Of course, there are other inexpensive options out there like this one....  available with an anodized brass powder coating for an extra $50.

If I am to be realistic, the best option for me would be to settle and just spray paint (or, powder coat) the raw steel base a brass color.  There's nothing wrong with that and it would actually come to be an alright compromise since depending on the base I finally choose, I would probably include a bleached white oak wood shelf on the bottom (if a trapezoid base, then the wooden shelf wood rest on the bottom support).  Imagine this, a marble, brass and white oak coffee table.  I just swoon over the beauty and the mix of materials.  Can you see it too?

Oval Marble Coffee Table Plans

I honestly believe my dreams are not that far off.  With a little planning and coordination I may be able to achieve the look I am going for with the oval, marble coffee table.  She is just a cutie and want to make her look even more beautiful.  This marble top just needs that brass base.  Am I right?  *wink, wink*