My Reality These Days

Hello again.  It has become a trend in this blog to receive a post every couple of months, hey?  I've ran out of excuses.  My reality these days involves procrastination and a whole lot of what I don't want to be dealing with.  Let me explain.  School, more school and yet again MORE school!  Like I mentioned before, I am currently taking random courses that I don't necessarily wish to be taking but are mandatory in order to graduate.  Urghh, the struggle!  (I am grateful to even have this sort of struggle in life, though, with all the opportunities people lack, you know?)  I am still awaiting the response from the interior deisgn school I have applied to, so hopefully when I do hear back I receive good news. 

Recent photo of me since, long time no see, right?

Recent photo of me since, long time no see, right?

Besides that, although I have not forgotten the blog the reason why I don't post as often or at all these days is because I seriously cannot stand the idea of sharing low quality photos on here.  I am of the philosophie that things shall be presented in their best light and an iPhone 6 camera doesn't do a great job at that, most of the time.  In short,  I no longer want to continue using my Iphone 6 as my "camera"!   I desperately want the content of this blog including the photos to be HD, ridiculously good quality and AWESOME!  I'm sort of a perfectionist at heart and my gut tells me that I shall hold off on any content or ideas that involve photos (I want every post to have them) until I find a great quality professional camera and perhaps lighting equipment for those low light situations.

I have so many projects and ideas planned out but have not begun any of them mainly because of the camera situation seeing as I want to document the process properly.  But also because a lot of these projects involve revamping furniture for my future apartment and I don't want to begin fixing them up until I have the apartment.  If you've followed me for a while you know I love antique furniture, interesting objects and anything very well made.  So, since I am certain one day I will finally move into my own apartment, I am collecting furniture/items for the place (currently storing it at my brother's otherwise empty apartment).  Maybe not the best idea as I have no clue as to how the space will look like or its size but what I have been picking up is relatively small and should fit anywhere nicely.

I am always checking craigslist's "free" and "antiques" section hoping to find something valuable, beautiful or in great workable condition with a possible much needed makeover.  Check HERE to spot the beauties I've collected so far.  Just recently I scored the BEST possible piece of furniture I could have ever dreamed of (alright, true, I say this about many of my finds) but honestly people, the Oval Marble Coffee Table I found on craigslist is out of this world.  The best part is the previous owners gave it to me for FREE!  Yeah, I am still holding my breath and wishing they don't return to me saying "we want it back".

Marble Coffee Table

I spotted this stunning honed marble beauty on the "FREE" section while I was in class one wednesday morning (that's what I do when I have a couple of minutes off: craigslist or Pinterest) and I couldn't reply to the seller's email fast enough.  I mean seriously, my fingers were a blur as I typed "Marble Table Wanted" on my screen.  I must've shown an incredible amount of interest in my email because the seller replied to me within minutes.  The lady stated that the coffee table had been listed for 5 days though no one had gone to pick it up even after showing interest but that there was someone else in front of me inquiring about it.  She was hesitant to believe my personal interest for it which only left me to assure her well in a 2 1/2 paragraph long email (to be exact) that I would be the best new owner of her great, great, great aunty's 70+ year old marble coffee table since I LOVE antiques (one) and marble (two).  Add in that I am simply obsessed with marble (three).  Ok, that's kind of the same thing!  Enter marble console table and marble side table which were both also found on craigslist.  I gave you a sneak peak HERE a while back, but I'll talk more about those cuties in another detailed post.

Marble Console/End/Coffee Table

Again, I must've done a great job at convincing her because as it usually goes, we scheduled a pick up that wednesday (I actually had to hire a moving company to pick it up and deliver it to me since we don't have a working vehicle in this household) and by friday the coffee table was already in my hands.  Not literally though, this chic is a beast.  She weighs a ton which makes me surpringly happy because that shows its authenticity.

Marble Coffee Table

When I first laid eyes on the marble I couldn't believe my luck, people.  It is beautiful!  Sure it was dirty, dusty and could use a very good wipe down but underneath that grime I could see the star.  The veining on it is a subtle gray with the exception of one prominent vein across one of the ends that is filled with personality.  I love it!  Seeing as the finish is the classic honed finish we all seem to love I'd like to be a bit more adventurous and buff it out a bit more in the future for a light polish/shine.  I'm thinking its age has dulled it up a bit so a good wet sanding/buffing should do the trick of brightening it up just a tad bit more.

For now, I'll leave you with that but this table is just so HOT that I think it deserves its own separate post highlighting its features, curves and my plans for bringing it up to current age.  Yep, those legs she's sporting are not my favorite.  More on that on its own detailed post!

If you're curious, I ended up paying $150 to the movers for delivering it to me (kind of a lot more than I wanted to pay seeing as I did receive it for free) but I had no other choice, really.  So in essence, $150 for a 70+ year old, original, antique, beveled, LARGE marble coffee table with a real wooden shelve on the bottom?  Not bad, not bad.  This cutie could cost anyone more than $2,000+ I am certain, even in its current condition!

I wish you all a lovely day.  Muaa <3