Living Simply

How do we do it?  If you remember from A Minimalistic Lifestyle post about leading a Minimalistic Lifestyle I discussed the benefits I have found from it.  Today?  Let's discuss how I actually brought myself to doing so and how I do it.

Living Simply

Like I mentioned than, I don't remember when it occurred exactly, but I do remember why I chose a minimalistic approach to life.  

I was overwhelmed by the constant mess everywhere.  By the poor use of space or by the lack of it, really.  By my stress that led to more laziness (I'm already lazy enough) I didn't want to add more to it.   Not only that, but the environment is very important to me so thoughts of huge, garbage packed land fields (of all places) came to my head.  But it got me thinking about the waste that goes around in the world and piled here.  I wanted to feel at ease so one day without any particular notion that I was doing it, I began clearing out my belongings.  Everything.  Clothes, shoes, makeup, products etc.  A couple days later when I realized what I had done, I said "Wow, that's odd.  This place looks surprisingly cleaner, clearer.  Spacious?  Wait a minute, is that the bottom of my drawer I see?"  Seriously people, It went down exactly like that.  I had gotten rid of so much that I now had the space for new things.

That got me thinking again (yes, I know, this head of mine doesn't rest) about wether or not I actually needed more.  "If I got rid of so much, why get anything else?  I'm really loving the look of 'clean' in my life... That empty space in my drawer makes me happy".  So it stuck.  Just like that.

Living Simply

Make Lists

Like I mentioned before, I am very organized so granted I will have some sort of helping aid and those are lists.  They truly help me get stuff done, organize myself but also physically see things.  They will help you be less stressed and more content with what you eventually get done.


I determined these and I strived to figure them out well.  Consider what you truly need and use on a daily basis.  This also applies to diet, health and everyday material things.

Ge Rid of It

Whatever did not end up on my essentials list was automatically discarded.  For example: when I sorted out my drawers I stayed with some basic pieces that can be mixed & matched.  My shoes were very few to be honest, but from those few I stayed with even fewer pairs that I use on a regular basis.  The ones I didn't see myself wearing in the forceable future got passed down or got thrown away because they had been literally collecting dust.  Wow!

Stop Stocking Up

On things that don't require it, that is.  Sure you may need a back up toothpaste, paper towels or detergent.  But you seriously don't need that t-shirt you spotted at the GAP.  Or, that set of new bras + panties.  Or that necklace, or yet another candle when you barely burn the other 3 you have already.  First use up what you have to buy another one.  This saves money and useful space.  Instead make a list of the items you always use and stock up on those.

Save Money

And no, I am not referring to the fact that living simply saves you money but at you deliberately saving it in a piggy bank or any equivalent money hoarding spot.  (I like to store my saved money in a glass jar).  Doing this is so amazing and by the time you check it you will be surprised at the amount that you have collected.  How does this help you live simply you ask?  Well, extra money (which is always great, (*wink, wink*) will provide you with many possibilities for travel specially in this day in age when more than one of us is struck by wanderlust.