A Neutral Wardrobe

Since we've been talking going minimalistic here at Endevourly, I want to share with you how I incorporate that into my wardrobe.  I've always been into neutrals (my preferred color scheme) but now even more that my style has simplified drastically.  Note that reducing your amount of clothing does not mean you have to sacrifice style because you can still look ridiculously fabulous with a few basic key pieces.  It also doesn't mean you have to repeat the same clothes over and over again because you just don't have anything else.  Not at all.  Instead, now we truly just become a lot more aware of the excess stuff we have in our drawers (where I keep the majority of my clothes), or our closet.  A few basic clothing items is all you need to be freed from your obsession with hoarding things you know you don't wear or don't need.  That's huge!  Let's focus on fewer, better things that can serve several different purposes to our everyday outfits.

A Neutral Wardrobe

Establishing A Neutral Wardrobe

Color Scheme

I begin by choosing clothes that are all within the same color family.  I love white, black, grey, beige, cream, navy, browns and pastels.  You simply can't go wrong with something like that as every single color in this list mix and matches each other perfectly.  I don't say 'no' to other colors, don't get me wrong, so if I do happen to find a bright blue blouse on sale and it looks good, you know I will snatch it up in no time.  However, I keep in mind that this blouse is different from any other one I own and I will get great use out of it.  If this is not the case, I skip it.  Creating a neutral base for your wardrobe later welcomes those random colored items one simply can't pass up.

For a neutral wardrobe, start with a neutral base.

For a neutral wardrobe, start with a neutral base.

A Pop of Color

Bold hues are important because we don't want to look too bland.  A few bold colors are completely acceptable in my wardrobe and actually quite welcomed since there are those days I wish to skip the white or black and wear something that immediately brightens up my mood.  Like a bright coral or mint green.  I keep my clothes very neutral though, but the shoes is where I like to be daring and go bold.  Take a look...     

The Essentials

These are very important as they will ultimately create the base to your wardrobe.  All of them should generally be plain, unadorned items that can later be combined.  These are my essential clothing items and roughly how many of them I need to develop a quality wardrobe for myself:

  • Skirts (assorted patterns + colors) = 5
  • Bras (2 white, 2 black, 2 skin tone) = 6
  • Panties (Neutrals + assorted colors) = 20+
  • Tights (black opaques) = 2
  • Flats + Heels + Boots (3 of each) = 9
  • Jewelry (3 pearl earrings, 1 thin gold bracelet) = 4
  • Pajama sets + Slippers (4 sets, 2 slippers) = 6 
  • Spaghetti strap camis (2 white, 2 black, 1 skin tone) = 5
  • Loose fitting cotton t-shirts (2 white, 1 black, 1 taupe) = 4
  • Neutral Blouses (white, black, grey, beige, pastels) = 10
  • Jeans (4 dark wash, 3 light wash, 1 black one) = 8
  •  Cardigans (1 grey, 1 black, 1 navy) = 3
  • Chunky Knit Sweaters (1 cream, 1 taupe, 1 black) = 3
  • Little Black Dress = 2
  • Little Cream Dress = 2
  • Blazers (1 cream, 1 grey, 1 black) = 3
  • Jackets + Coats (2 of each in cream, navy or black) = 4
  • Casual Dresses (any pattern or design in white, black, navy, multicolored) = 6

Comfort Is Key

Notice how you barely wear those clothes that are simply poorly made and uncomfortable.  The better you feel in something the more often you will use it.  Simple. This is also very important when deciding what items to buy.

Basic Uniform

In other words, my go to, daily outfit.  It is usually composed of Jeans, blouse and flats.  With this as my base outfit, I have the opportunity to then layer other pieces over it to make it more stylish or simply keep it as is.  A basic uniform keeps me centered on what I know I am comfortable wearing, stoping me from getting too much of things I won't use often.

Mix & Match

This is the only way you will get good use out of your clothes and minimize the potential hoarding that can lead us sometimes.  Deciding not to shop the latests trends or randomly buy stuff allows me to utilize my personal, outfit styling talents.  I had to learn to have less and to use what I had to create an outfit.