Natural Homemade Eye Cream

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The fragile skin around our eyes leaves us vulnerable to the inevitable signs of aging.  Wrinkles, fine lines, under eye bags and dark circles are those things that drives us all crazy.  Since we have fewer oil glands in this area to keep the skin lubricated, hydrated and protected, it is important to regularly pamper this delicate skin with vitamin rich ingredients.  

Hydrating + beneficial undereye serum

Hydrating + beneficial undereye serum

No need to spend loads of money on expensive and often ineffective eye creams when you could easily make your own homemade version with just two ingredients, that's what I love the most.  My amazing Eyelash Growth Serum is also an all natural beauty product you can whip up in minutes.

This particular serum should be applied daily, both underneath the eyes, eyelids and beneath your eyebrows.  It uses the oh so magical vitamin E oil, whose properties and benefits for the skin are endless.  

If you happen to have evening primrose oil at hand don't hesitate to use this too, as its high levels of antioxidants make it ideal to combat rough dry skin, fine lines and lightening dark circles.  Just pinch a capsule open to get the oil out.

Vitamin E oil holds many skin benefits, particularly for your underye area

Vitamin E oil holds many skin benefits, particularly for your underye area

What You Will Need

Use fractionated coconut oil for your undereye serum

Use fractionated coconut oil for your undereye serum

Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)- Is a fraction of the coconut oil that with its high levels of antioxidant properties will counteract the effects of oxidation in living tissue.  Oxidation, like in metal that has been exposed to air and moisture or fruit that has been exposed to oxygen and goes rancid, is not at all good for our body tissues for it causes aging and inflammation which we do not want for our eyes.  FCO is also extremely saturated allowing it to have a very, very long shelf life and stability. 

  • Will not become rancid
  • It will always stay liquid, clear and odorless 
  • Featherlight emollient, ideal for the skin as it won't clog pores, yet very moisturizing
  • Great for diluting the thick, sticky vitamin E oil
Fractionated coconut oil

Fractionated coconut oil

Vitamin E Oil-  One such supplement that contains vitamin E as its main component so you will be receiving the pure stuff when applying it.

  • High in antioxidants which aids in collagen production giving the skin elasticity
  • Great skin moisturizer
  • Keeps skin tight and firm
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lightens dark circles 
  • Lubricates cell membranes and encourages cell regeneration
  • Goes beneath the surface of the skin to block free radicals 
Vitamin E Oil for a natural undereye serum

Vitamin E Oil for a natural undereye serum

Prepare It

  1. Fill a 10 ml roll on bottle (I found mine here) a little bit more than half way (half way if you're planning on adding evening primrose oil, preferably organic + pure too) with pure, 100% vitamin E oil.  Usually very thick and sticky.
  2. Fill the rest of the bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil (found here)
  3. Place the roller top on the opening then close it off with the cap
  4. Shake very well so that the thick, dense and sticky vitamin E oil can thoroughly mix with the FCO
  5. Label your bottle
Use something like a   Glass Dropper   to transfer the liquids into the roll on bottle.

Use something like a Glass Dropper to transfer the liquids into the roll on bottle.

How To Apply It (Daily)

  • Preferably every night as the serum is quite oily, apply underneath your eyes, eyelids and beneath your eyebrows
  • With your ring finger gently massage each section where you have applied the serum for a couple seconds, trying to really get in there, for a quick soothing and calming effect 

You should really see a difference in your eyes's softness, smoothness and overall look within a couple days and/or weeks.  If you suffer from dry skin or dull looking eyes, this serum will do wonders for you.  

Note: You may use regular cold pressed coconut oil in place of the FCO, but I have not tried it and I reckon it might just be too thick for the delicate skin around our eyes.

What have you been doing to pamper yourself lately?