Long Time No See

I am like the sock you never found.  

I am so sorry for not posting for weeks.  Again, I am simply so overwhelmed and busy with school work and other responsibilities that at the end of the day I do not have time to put together a post.  I think about Endevourly all the time and on how much I wanted to provide this blog for so many readers which is why it makes me so sad that I have been neglecting it.  Not only have I spent money on this endeavour, but I have also invested my time, energy and sanity making this blog into something productive for others to enjoy.

Long Time No See - Endevourly.com

I am so eager for my winter vacation because then I will have a lot more time to dedicate to my peaceful place on the web.  So far, nothing new with me but the craigslist finds have been growing and am so excited to share with you my new adquisitions.  Boy, girl, I never expedted to find such awesomness from craigslist and at such great prices.

Winter in NYC (2014)

Winter in NYC (2014)

I found the one piece of furniture I was dying to have but was just too expensive to buy at West Elm.  I am talking about a beautiful marble top console table.  I found a real vintage piece (seems to be mid century modern) for under $200.  Say what?  At West Elm, these tables run at $600+ and they are not even actual vintage pieces but reproduction furniture.  It was an unbelievable find, people!

Marble Console Table

I also got myself a beautiful vintage and French Louis XV chair for less than $100.  Now that's a steal.  Reproductions at Restoration Hardware begin at $400.  It is absolutely crazy how this works.  

Vintage French Louis XV Chair

Finally and since I can't get enough of marble, my craigslist find couldn't be complete this time around without a round marble top side table for just $20.  Yep, you read that right.  Again, at West Elm (where I seem to always find the cutest marble top tables) they are at $400.  To say the least, I am more than ecstatic about these things and better yet, that they are actual vintage pieces just begging to be brought to life once more. 

Marble Top Side Table

I will leave you at that and I will describe in better depth my craigslist finds.  Don't forget that I am extremely grateful to all of you who take the time to read Endevourly and I am SUPER, DUPER sorry for neglecting this wonderful space.

Take care and HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  Lot's of yummy foods coming your way, huh?