What Girls Look for in a Man

***This would be the second post from the Romantisima section of the Endevourly site.  Again, I will post everything in this main blog from now on.***

It is totally natural to dream about the ideal partner...  

You are probably in the beauty section at your local shop, attempting to choose the right product for your hair and while making sure you reject any item that is on top, first in line or up front because you think you will find a superior item below or behind the first one, hidden, awaiting your special hands to get a hold of them, even if they are all the same; (I do that too, yes, so no need to feel ashamed :D).  Then a force to escape planet earth drags you away to the world only you know of "your secret chamber".  Here you think, plan and dream freely but also envision the ideal partner from time to time, (am I right?).  

You begin to wish all the qualities he must have in order to win your heart.  So let's get started with those qualities shall we? Many are eager to know what we look for in a guy... *wink, wink*

13 things girls look for in a man

13 things girls look for in a man

  1. A sweet yet Determined Countenance- He makes it easy and comfortable for others to approach him because he is pleasant and cordial.  At the same time however, he has that hidden power in his eyes which means you know he can do anything and will go the extra mile to make it happen if necessary.
  2. Adventurous at Heart- Sure he may be a busy man (if watching a game on tv for hours on end is keeping busy).  But after, he is one to suggest a plan for the two of you to spend time together.  No one likes a couch potato!
  3. Considerate-  He thinks about what will and will not affect you or your relationship with him.  While he can still go about his own business, he makes sure to keep you in mind when making decisions that may pertain to the both of you.
  4. Kind & Gentle- Someone who treats you with the utmost respect and delicacy.
  5. Eloquence- It is so damn desirable when a man can speak the gift of the gab.  (Being the stubborn that I am, it is very interesting when someone can talk me into something else; I see it as a score in their part). 
  6. Successful- This may apply to any aspect of his life.  A man who is making something out of himself be it in his work/job/career or among his leisures/hobbies is one we can always be proud of and that is important.
  7. Gifts- This one may be a difficult one to admit but we want to feel some type of appreciation from our significant other, right?  After all, if you ever want to keep someone happy give them something you know they will like.
  8. Style- A man who can look the part will always stay in our heart (even if that's the only thing you ever get to remember from him).  Appearance has always mattered; ask the people from the 18th century (jajaja). You may one day say "Wow, he always did look good..."
  9. Strong-  This does not only apply to the physical aspect of it.  A man who is mentally strong, who maintains cool-headed and calm amid a crisis is the one who will take the initiative to help you solve it.
  10. Humble- He does not try to act heroic or superior, and doesn't wish for you to be vulnerable or weak.  Instead he sees you as his equal and knows you too are capable of handling things when circumstances require it.
  11. Passionate- He knows he loves you and wants you by his side.  He is not afraid to ardently show this to you whenever he can.
  12. Competent- This man will get your taxes filled out, your oven heating again and will plot schemes to get you happy when you're not.
  13. Cultured- He can be annoyingly silly, random, and unrefined at times (which is acceptable and expected from everyone) but you know he is civilized and knowledgeable.   

This man is sure an ideal one in my book.  What about yours? Does he even exist? Hmm, it's not that hard to posses those qualities is it?