Romantic + Different Date Ideas

NOTE: ***If you remember from the start of this blog, I mentioned I would have a separate section dedicated for romantic posts.  This section was known as Romantisima.  However, managing two distinct aspects of the blog has been a bit challenging which is why I have't posted anything there in ages.  Due to this, I will simply combine both sections into one and transfer the posts written in Romantisima into the main blog (the one you're reading this on now). You can find the first one below... ENJOY!***

So you have decided it is finally time to unwind and spend some quality time with your significant other.  It is that time where the two of you can stare into each others eyes passionately and delve into that long awaited kiss.  Great that you have decided to do so, but what will you do?  I've gathered some date ideas for your significant other and yourself to enjoy a lovely time every now and then away from it all.

8 Romantic and different date ideas

8 Romantic and different date ideas

  1. Fancy High Tea Picnic- No need to be a Jane Austen fan (I know I am) to pack your picnic basket and enjoy an elegant afternoon of little sandwiches, scones, exotic fruit (passionfruit anyone?), hot tea, (hot cocoa, why not?), champagne if you're feeling bubbly or anything else you like. Don't feel the need to use porcelain plates and stainless steel utensils (a simple disposable assortment would work too) although the real thing would add to the moment.
  2. A Scenic Walk- Beautiful, picturesque scenery can be found anywhere so search for that special place where you can walk amid the flowers, different colored leaves, mountains, sand, water, or outstanding open space that can serve as the perfect backdrop to your love (take some photos).
  3. Build A Dream- Spend time dreaming about what you want happening in your relationship. Trips you can take together, how to decorate your future or current home, how will you name your children etc. Plus how you plan on accomplishing these goals.  This date night is a way to keep proactive and to think ahead. (You probably already do this without categorizing it as such, right?).
  4. Cook, Sit then Cuddle- Cook & bake something from scratch, set the table and sit to enjoy your delicious meal.  After that, rest together while cuddling and feeling each other's warmth (awww). 
  5. Interpret The Song- Some couples have songs that identify their relationship or just songs they love.  So gather the titles and listen to those songs with your loved one and interpret the lyrics. (This is actually loads of fun) plus interesting as you get to talk about the meaning behind those words.
  6. Watch a Comedy- One of the simple pleasures of life is to laugh and when you're doing it alongside someone you love, the feeling's intensity quadruples.  A funny movie, a comedy show, your go to series (Epic Rap Battles of History) etc; anything that is sure to "crack you up" at the same time and have you turning to one another for that look of "Do you agree this is hilarious?"  
  7. Painting- This is so relaxing, yes.  No need to be an artist to paint something.  In the end if all fails call it "abstract" and everyone will understand (jajaja). Comment and provide pointers on each other's art along the way (have sufficient, drinks and snacks on hand too).
  8. Educational can be Fun- Watch a documentary centered on a topic you are both interested in and that will leave you learning one or two new things.  (The Blue Planet is a great one on Netflix)

Do you have any other date ideas in mind? Feel free to contribute :)