Hello everyone.  I'm Paola Arletty and this blog you're reading right now is one of my goals come true.  I've always had a fascination for all things classic chic or reminiscent to the Jane Austen Regency era.  I can't quite decide why; maybe for the way they dressed, the eloquence in their conversations or just their overall way of life. (I was totally born in the wrong era).

A lifestyle that is slowly disappearing from our society and is not what it used to be.  As a result, Endevourly is a blog that will encourage a more chic lifestyle, one where we will take advantage of the finer things in life and will attempt to do more of what makes us happy. 

What makes me happy? Good company, art, literature, music, food, traveling, baking, fashion and all things lovely!  I invite you to share this corner of the internet with me and to enjoy as much as you can what there is to discover!  WooHoo!  

Note:  The saying "the finer things in life" is commonly used when describing anything luxurious/expensive but it can be so much more.  To me it is a phrase that surrounds several aspects of life as long as they are the things that one comes to truly appreciate while ordinary is no longer an option.  How do you define them? 

Blog Post Schedule:
I will strive to post something new every other day but due to current responsibilities and school this may not always be the case.  I'll try my best :D

Please feel free to comment on the posts and share your thoughts as I would be delighted to read them and if you made it this far through the reading, I thank you indeed.  Experience the best without having to go far on the quest! Sending lots of hugs + kisses your way my dearest friends! Xoxoxo!

Ps- Mami, Papi, plus the rest of my family and friends, thank YOU for the support and for encouraging me to embark on this new adventure.

Stay tuned for the next posts where I will share with you my favorite tea recipe! (It is soooo yummy).

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