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Following a minimalistic and natural approach to life, we can further increase our chances to a balanced existence.  We are all about discovering, learning, sharing and experiencing  the pureness that this earth has to offer.  In other words, the finer things in life.  At Endevourly we strive (ahem, endeavor) to form and lead a community promoting a proper, educational platform.  Discover home decor/interior design, do it yourself projects, natural housekeeping, beauty, skincare, travel, how to's, cool product reviews that enhance one's wellness, or all that is 'in' at any given moment.  

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"My dearest readers, do not you think this an agreeable moment for a chat between us both?  I shall conclude yes."

About The Author: Endevourly.com

I am Paola Arletty the founder and author of Endevourly.  Living in New York City I have an obsession with all things classic chic.  What are these you wonder?  Well, anything elegant, classy, and generally white, gold, light cream, serene but with a hint of modern.  To get a sense of who I am, know that Jane Austen is my diva and Audrey Hepburn my idol.  If I could speak in proper regency english all day everyday, dawling' believe me I would.  I love things that are pure, natural + organic.  For all you lazy people out there, I'm here with you.  No shame in that.  This is why I lead a minimalistic lifestyle where organization is key and everything that doesn't truly serve a purpose or is merely occupying useful space, has to go (after all the saying that NYC apartments are small is true).  I absolutely love home decor, natural skincare, travel (boy, girl, lady, man) does this chica love to travel.  I also enjoy resting and pampering myself from time to time.  Languages, accents and cultures are my passion so I do consider myself a citizen of the world.  At any given moment of a conversation you may find me changing the accent from british, to french, to spanish.  My family has learned to cope, yes.  I may even start dancing at completely random times and am the one to usually sing what I actually mean to simply say.  I quote movies or songs to fit my everyday life, too.  Example? Why yes.  You know that song "Hello" by Lionel Richie?  Well, I can sometimes snap saying "Hello... is it me you're looking for?" adding that concerned, 80's movie face, when mami calls from the other room.  It cracks me up each time. Jajajaj!

 My personality to strangers may seem all fine and proper but there is so much more to that.  I actually am quite the random person.  Quirky, hilarious (or so I am told) with a very bright disposition.  I am generally happy yes and during those days where the NYC weather or atmosphere is gloomy, find me sleeping or watching novelas.

A good book is important but I haven't had one of those in a while.  Please do recommend one for me?.  If it narrates anything from those older eras (like the Jane Austen books) even better.  Lists, body cream, hand soap and lip balms are my must-haves.  There isn't a day I don't use these.  I hope you enjoy Endevourly and that you find the content useful and enlightening. 

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